AORNOS - From the Deep /a tribute to the Masters Of Dark Side/


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released March 9, 2017



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AORNOS Hungary

AORNOS is a noetic BM band, formed in Hungary by Algras.
The inspiration is given and eternal: the dark projection of Existence, endless Nature, Cosmos and the attemt to passing the ordinary, human, all too human things...

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Track Name: AORNOS - Ensorcelled By Khaos /EMPEROR cover/
This is my tribute to EMPEROR (AORNOS).

In an endless maze begotten
To dead ends led by fools
I sought a plague for those
Who smiled at walls in humble fear

Yet, belligerent ways came to an end
No war could ease my hunger
By craving death I was
To darkness reborn

No sacrifice too great
Caught in another maze
Truly endless
Still this maze is mine

No peace for me
No peace I seek
My quest goes far beyond

No sacrifice too great
Caught in another maze
Truly endless
Still this maze is mine

I hail the greatest fall
Dark is the spirit of my token
Dark is my call

Still craving, still torn
Hear me, master of this realm
To which I was reborn

"Bearer of my stigma. Thou art of me.
Yet, claim no gift, but guidance.
For I am the giver of temptation.
Thou art the executor of Thy rewards"

Dark is the spirit of my token
Dark is my call

The cosmic forces driving me
More noble, more free

Take me

Love and hate and all in between
I greet them all in ecstasy
Venus, seduce me
Mars, possess me
Tear my soul from sanity

No sacrifice too great
Caught in another maze
Truly endless
Still this maze is mine
And I am thine
Track Name: AORNOS - Eyes To See, Ears To Hear /MORBID ANGEL cover/
Tribute to the Majesty Of Death Metal (MORBID ANGEL).

Darkness - swallowing all in its path
The blind leading the blind and the "flock" is ever confused
Who has the gift of healthy sight and mind
Who can withstand while the others are blown away?

Eyes to see...what the others see not
Ears to hear...the voice of the elders guides
Eyes to see...and the blind; they wither away
You fools! These eyes are never for you

Darkness - corrupting all in its path
Greed leading the man to blindness, suffering
And ever foretold...the meek shall have this earth
Alas without sight they will only be left with demise

Worlds apart are they and I
My world remains in sight
Their lives - despair
The "I's" and "They's" cannot compare
Track Name: AORNOS - The Dawn Of A New Age /SATYRICON cover/
English / Hungarian

This is Armageddon

"And I looked, and behold a pale horse:
And his name that sat on him was Death
And Hell followed with him. And power was given
Unto them over the fourth part of the earth,
To kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death,
And with the beasts of the earth".

And then again "I saw and beheld, a black horse;
And he that sat on him had a scythe; And a crown
Was given unto him and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.
And there was a great earthquake, and the sun became black
As sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood.

And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth,
Even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs,
When she is shaken of a mighty wind. And the heaven
Departed as a scroll when it is rolled together,
And every mountain and island were moved out of their places."
Almighty mountains and rocks, I beg you fall on them.

For the great day of wrath is coming, and who shall be able to stand?

[From The Book of Revelations: Edited and partly re-written by Satyr.]


„Erre fakó lovat láttam, a Halál ült rajta, nyomában az alvilág. Hatalmat kapott a föld negyed része fölött, hogy karddal, éhínséggel, halállal és fenevadakkal pusztítsák az életet.

Ekkor fekete lovat láttam, lovasa kaszát tartott a kezében. Korona adaték neki, s ő diadalmasan kivonult, hogy győzelmet arasson.
S nagy földrengés támadt. A Nap olyan fekete lett, mint a szőrzsák, a Hold pedig olyan, mint a vér.

Az ég csillagai a földre hullottak, mint amikor a fügefa hullatja éretlen fügéit, ha erős szél rázza. Az ég összehúzódott, mint egy felgöngyölt könyvtekercs. Minden hegy és sziget elmozdult a helyéről.”
Hatalmas hegyek és sziklák, könyörgöm zuhanjatok rájuk.

Eljött a harag nagy napja, ugyan ki állhat meg előtte?
Track Name: AORNOS - To Thou Dwellest In The Night /ARCTURUS cover/
This is my tribute to ARCTURUS (AORNOS).


...Azokhoz, akik az Éjszakában lakoznak...

Here is so desolate;
Times, they are dark
Words ceas' - to end as echoes rolling afar

Empathy arises
whilst thou drapest this world in black;
The only colour that can paint my soul

Clad in the shades of night
Thou reflects the pure of heart

Amidst all the grief this winter unfoldeth
The thorn in my side - thou retainst

Thy breeze maketh me shiver
Maimeth me with its frozen malice
Thou minglest with the dense night
I hearken to the voice of thy winds
They are the saddest of all sounds of thine
Never will I take leave from thy haunt

Hast thou ever desired me?
I receive no answer, thou letst it pass in silence...
Track Name: AORNOS - The Discipline Of Earth /THORNS cover/
This is a THORNS (Elite Black Metal) cover.


Deep down in the black slime of this earth
The dead sink to Hell

Perfectly obscured
From the sullen hundred's stare
And upheld by strings of gold
Hang the sacred stars in the sky

While Jehovah lifts his sinister eye from our world
His laws do no longer compell
A swift wind of doom disturb the endless sleep
Of this indolent and effete

Deep down in the black slime of this earth
The dead sink to Hell
Obscured from the hundred's stare
Hang the sacred stars in the sky

Deep down in the black slime of this earth
Restless limbs are at work
Deep down beneath the dark tar of this land
Decrepit lungs crave air

If you could see through the strata of dirt
That cover these infertile fields
You would meet a thousand empty eyes
Endlessly seeking the invisible stars

One spectre of fire brought swiftly away
Upon a gust over the fields
To imbue within the forbidden life
The dead shall ride...

Years tore upon tarpid flesh
Those years have (now) come to an end
Disturbed to awake from their permanent sleep
The dead shall ride...
Over the earth

The spectres of fire are brought swiftly away
Upon a gust over the fields
To enlighten and lead the forbidden progress
Of the dead that ride...
Over the earth